Run by film and video makers, The Screening Room is a new-media exhibition and project space located in Miami. The multi-disciplinary space is dedicated to the motion picture which includes video art exhibitions, film workshops and lectures, screenings and a space for filmmakers and video artists to work.


Rhonda Mitrani

founder, director

Rhonda Mitrani began her career at Miramax Films and became an editor for Film/TV in New York.  As a director, her documentary film Cuba Mia traveled through festivals was later broadcast on PBS.  Her recent short film, Supermarket is in post production. Rhonda's video artwork has been exhibited in galleries and art fairs and her multi-media collaborative RPM Project recently had their first solo show at  Boca Museum of Art which closed in January 2017.  She also co-founded Miami Filmmakers Collective. Rhonda focuses on telling socially conscious visual stories as a video artist, filmmaker and director of The Screening Room, Miami. 


Crisveth Ortega

programming coordinator

Crisveth Ortega is the Screening Room's Programming Coordinator as well as a member of the Miami Filmmakers Collective. She studied Motion Pictures and Photography at the University of Miami's School of Communication. Soon after she graduated, Crisveth worked on several productions including, but not limited to, Supermarket, a short film by Rhonda Mitrani, Sweet Fifteen: Quincenera for TLC, Outpost, a documentary series for HBO and Fusion, and most recently, Dr. Miami a production of WETV. Crisveth is currently working on developing a series of short films in order to empower the film community in Miami, FL.


Sarah Becker

star intern

Currently studying film at DASH.


The Screening Room is located in the Mitrani Warehouse, (2626 NW 2nd Avenue, Wynwood) where Rhonda and her sister Dina converted their family's clothing factory into a center for creative thinking.

EST. 2002.


the screening

2626 NW 2nd Avenue

Wynwood Miami Fl. 33127

email: rhonda@tsrmiami.com | crisveth@tsrmiami.com

phone: 305.582.7191

hours: tuesday - friday 11-2 pm or by appointment

miami art week: 9:30am - 7pm