wendy wischer

escaping gravity, art week opening 6-10pm

nov 30 2015

The Screening Room is proud to present Escaping Gravity, a new body of work by Wendy Wischer.  With these three new pieces, a sculpture, a video and a multi-media installation, Wischer turns her focus more directly to nature, reflecting poetically on our surroundings, the cycle of life, as well as the major signals of our current environmental issues.

Escaping Gravity represents fragments of Wischer’s journey to free herself from gravitational pulls, both physical and emotional.  Through the use of sound and video mapping, one mound of rocks sits on the floor and the other suspends from the ceiling, mimicking cairns or path markers.  With these mounds defying gravity as if on another plane, Wischer explores her shifting relationship with nature and with herself.  To complement, a haunting video explores notions of shifting landscapes and a sculptural piece questions the possibility of reversing an oil spill.  With this new body of work, Wischer finds herself at a crossroads, confronting gravity’s pull.