antonia wright

poem: videos

may 07 - aug 01 2015

The Screening Room is pleased to present Poem: Videos a multi-channel poetry video installation from Antonia Wright in collaboration with Robert Chambers, Daniel Joseph, Justin Long, Matthu Placek, Rona Yefman and Natasha Lopez De Victoria.

The genre of visual poetry, which combines the moving image with verse, is an expansive medium that is still defining itself in the context of video art and performance works. Poem: Videos not only attempts to challenge poetry videos but experiments with the audial experience of listening to poems, traditionally known as the poetry reading. 

For this project aptly titled Poem: Videos, Wright collaborates with five artists selected for their dual interests in bridging the divide between disciplines of sculpture, photography, painting, performance, and new forms of film making with the written word. 

The viewer encounters a series of five videos using the same soundtrack of Wright’s own voice reading a single poem she composed entitled Advice From A Modern Artist. The culminating works, five original videos, question how the visual experience can alter the interpretation of the text.

As a collective group each artist’s approach to one single poem aims to redefine the medium of the poetry video through multiple aesthetic viewpoints thereby creating something new and unique in this literary visual terrain.